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  • 2014-03-14
    2014 Korea International Medical Instruments and E


In 2014 South Korea International Medical Equipment Exhibition
(KIMES 2014)
Time: 2014 April 13 -16 location: Seoul COEX Exhibition Center
Exhibits range []
Clinical diagnostic equipment, the clinical examination equipment, medical radiological equipment, surgical operation treatment apparatus and instruments, apparatus and instruments, physiotherapy equipment, Department of Ophthalmology equipment, dental equipment, hospital equipment, hospital and integrated information technology services, traditional Chinese medicine and equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, health care equipment, medical equipment, supplies, and other accessories and services.
In 2014 thirtieth session of international medical equipment exhibition is by the famous Korean Korea E & Ex Inc company and Korea Medical Equipment Industry Association, the South Korean joint committee of medical equipment industry co hosted, union of international fairs (UFI) certification of professional exhibition. KIMES aims to promote South Korea and the world, especially the foreign trade exchanges and cooperation with its Asian neighbours in medical industry, to provide a global stage for the Oriental Medicine, medical equipment industry, through the exposition of the exchange and trade fair to promote international understanding of Oriental Medicine and medical equipment industry, expanding the international space of development, provide more international trade opportunities.
In 2013 KIMES exhibition, a total of 1125 enterprises from 36 countries participating, 36007 square meters of meeting exhibition area shows the most modern medical technology and products. This is since 1980 the largest exhibition started a session, attracted 50682 professional visitors from all over the world, including hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, manufacturers, distributors and importers. The exhibition turnover reached 9 millions of dollars. The theme of the forum held at the same time the medical industry: new ideas of health: better life! Held 26 seminars and conferences.