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  • 2014-03-14
    2014 the thirty-second Shenyang International Medi


2014 thirty-second (spring) Shenyang International Medical Equipment Exhibition
2014 The 32th Shenyang International Medical Equipment Fair
Letter of invitation
Time: 2014 March 26 - 28 day
Location: Shenyang, Chinese • Palace Exhibition Center
Organizer: Liaoning economic and Information Committee, Liaoning Provincial Department of health, Liaoning medical equipment industry company
Organizer: Liaoning Shenzhen Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Please director, manager and person in charge of your dear read half time, fixed by surprise return
An important opportunity to grasp the situation
2014 is the China medical reform, health is the most important cause of the rapid development of a year, the national new medical reform program more thorough implementation, implementation of remote health care card, general. The state has adopted a series of policies to expand domestic demand, promote consumption, stable growth, health care reform, accelerate, heavy people's livelihood, public hospitals to private, encourage investors run the hospital clinic, individual practice, public and private racing together bridle to bridle, a batch of new, expansion, reconstruction of state-owned, private, individual, community hospital, completed. The new China Medical University First Affiliated Hospital, China Medical University fourth hospital, Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University two department, Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning TCM University, Shenyang Army Military Institute, Shengjing Hospital of Shenyang North Hospital a total investment of one billion, a total construction area of 200000 square meters, has become the Northeast's largest comprehensive hospital, more than 100 district hospital, the construction of emergency medical rescue center. At the same time, reconstruction, expansion of Liaoning Provincial People's Hospital; Liaoning Province Tumor Hospital; Liaoning Province Hospital; the four six three hospital of PLA; the first hospital of Shenyang city; Fourth Hospital; Fengtian Hospital; maternal and infant hospital department of Orthopedics; Hospital; the seventh hospital. In 2013 the major hospitals, community hospitals, medical clinics, in construction project basically completed, start all the configuration of hospital facilities. For a lot of money, the purchase of high-tech, sophisticated medical equipment, hospital equipment, in 2014 the national focus on the implementation, the establishment of Community Health Institute, each street town hospital, the establishment of rural health, every village, a hitherto unknown situation, opportunity, enormous business opportunities to put in front of the manufacturers of medical devices. The 2014 Shenyang international medical exhibition, coincides with the time, the more heroic, to promote the rational allocation of health resources in Northeast, improve the level of medical equipment, the promotion of advanced and applicable technologies to promote the health development of the northeast as the bridge, committed to the government, users, enterprises to build, communication and centralized bidding and purchasing new platform. Medical exhibition Shenyang experienced fifteen years of development, has been successfully held thirty-one sessions, become northeast area brand exhibition, supply and demand group expanded rapidly, every year to the supply and demand, this comprehensive and win-win, the opportunity came, must grasp, as long as the exhibition, there is big harvest.
The spring and Autumn period doubling Shenyang medical brand benefit
As everyone knows, Shenyang international medical equipment exhibition is the northeast region and the national place will be in the most. 2013 Shenyang spring medical equipment exhibition is a shocking surprise, create supply and demand combined with the miraculous effect. In three days, more than 1550 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, professional visitors 205000 passengers, the new special products on display, high quality, high-tech advanced more than 4 species, GE, Toshiba, Philips, Madison, Siemens, Olympus, Wandong, MINDRAY, Neusoft...... Chinese and foreign famous brand products, are shown in this exhibition, held in the Shenyang science palace mountain sea, come from at home and abroad from all sides of the broad masses of Chinese and foreign exhibitors and professional audience, the docking negotiate, order purchase, be in full swing unpopular scene, let the people from the heart feel happy. The turnover of 2930000000, ordering the amount of 5850000000, has achieved unprecedented success, achievement, the organizers, exhibitors win win win effect order unit manufacturers and users, the Shenyang international medical equipment exhibition, bring the warmth of spring, considerable benefits to both sides, like a huge fire gave out the intense heat, fruitful results, let each person's face covered with a smile, filled with the joy of harvest. The medical device manufacturers, the majority of users, each big hospital, medical clinics and the sessions of the highly acclaimed, together: "Shenyang will open well, always has a very good effect". The professional media, news reports: the biggest bright spot medical exhibition, Shenyang, professional users, sign the bill rate is high, large gains. Highlight two: South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, USA, Hongkong, more than 20 new and special products of foreign countries and regions in the exhibition, international, authoritative, practical...... The northeast is the only one worthy of be worthy of the name, big scale is biggest, most professional audience, the best, the most influential high-grade, high level, high standards, high efficiency, high service professional exhibition.
The innovation and development of refine on
The 2014 Shenyang international medical Exhibition "the exhibition to exhibition with academic, promote academic" for the purpose of. During the exhibition, according to the different professional audience's concerns, the ad hoc: policy research, academic forum, new products and technology exchange. Hospital management forum held International Series, development forum held Chinese hospital, hospital, equipment section chief, department director cocktail party, idle medical equipment second-hand equipment fair. The three northeastern provinces, municipalities, county hospital equipment department, equipment department of collective procurement orders will be the series of activities. The exhibition in Shenyang to a new level. 2014 thirty-second session of Shenyang (spring)