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  • 2014-03-14
    Disposable medical equipment is not up to the stan


China Jiangxi Nanchang news Jiangxi daily (reporter Xu Zhuo) in March 12th, the provincial food and Drug Administration released the 2013 drug and medical device quality inspection results, results show that, in our province, drug and medical device quality remained stable, but disposable medical devices "substandard" proportion of products is relatively high.
It is understood, and results showed that, in our province last year, drug testing the overall pass rate was 95.21%, 2.15 percentage points higher than last year. Among them, there were 759 batches of medical detection, detection of not meeting the prescribed standards of 146 batches of products, the positive rate of inspection is 19.24%; the national basic drug testing varieties qualified rate is 98.66%, relatively on year rise 0.1 percentage points; "the implementation of national essential drug system supplementary list of Jiangxi Province (primary section)" varieties qualified rate 96%.